Break free from subconscious survival mechanisms and step into living a limitless life in the jungles of Costa Rica

Breathwork, sun, surf, jungles, dope humans, healthy food, and a ton more.

Everything is included so you can just show up, level up, and enjoy the hell out of it.

(accommodation, three meals /day, activities, transport in Costa Rica, and all the healing sessions)

You just have to get yourself to Nosara, and we got you from there.

A travel experience where you actually leave more lit-up⚑️ and more at peace 😌

December 29, 2022 - January , 2023

P.S. There are only 15 spots.

So get your application in now.



Our subconscious patterns are tricky, and our lives extremely complicated. Because of this, most people can't make lasting changes to their patterns and behaviours within the same environment that created them in the first place.


At Inbodied, we've always had a dream... And that dream was to be able to kidnap people, bring them to an awe inspiring location do the work connected to nature and other like minded people and show them truly how delicious life can taste. So much so that they would return back home forever changed and truly embodied in the life they want to live.

Well guess what, that dream is now a reality and we are doing it... And better yet, we don't have to kidnap you to get you there. Join us in Nosara, Costa Rica from December 29th, 2022 - January 4th, 2023.

The most profound shifts in a humans life come from the combination of 2 things... A heightened emotional state and a clear intention. The higher the emotional state and the more clear the intention the more potent the shift.

Imagine diving into the work in person with Cam, Ryan and the rest of the Inbodied team under the healing blue waterfalls of Costa Rica. Do you think that would carry an emotional charge? You're damn right it would!

Now combine that with the intention of stepping outside of the environment that created the patterns in the first place... You have the perfect recipe for becoming, creating or healing anything you want in life.


Even though we are keeping some things a surprise, we want to show you some of the beautiful things you will experience over the course of this life changing week.


You are going to come one version of yourself, and leave another. We guarantee it!


The Inbodied guides facilitating this journey

Cam MacDougall - Transformation Specialist & Trauma Release Breathwork Practitioner

Ryan Miller - Flow State Specialist And Director Of Community & Experiences

Remy Kloos - Sustainability and wellness specialist, NLP Coach, community & service

Gordon Swenson - Co-Founder of Chasing Sunrise

Facilitator & Experience Architect

Kyla Gangon - The Sacred Essentials Embodiment Coach

Facilitator & Yoga Instructor

Guest Facilitator - This will be a surprise until at the event. Trust us when we say they will be dope!


  • Where? Nosara Costa Rica
  • When? December 29th, 2022 - January 4th, 2023
  • What? We cover almost everything:
  • All the essentials 3 meals daily, accommodation, core activities (surfing, adventures etc.) daily
  • Experiences that drop your jaw and connect you to the earth, your truth and the power that lies within you
  • Breathwork to shift your emotional states so that you can break free of the patterns holding you back and weighing you down
  • Daily adventure & play into the unknown so that you can challenge yourself and feel more alive than ever before
  • Community events and experiences designed to make you feel safe, supported and seen by humans just like you
  • Inner work so that you can uncover what it is that is truly "running the show" in your subconscious mind
  • Service to others so that you can open your heart and truly feel connected to the land and people
  • Movement and vitality so that you can be fuelled by premium inputs and see what it's truly like to live limitless
  • The most supportive container for human transformation that you have never experienced before.


Pick the option that feels most aligned... We gotchu

We want to make this no stress and accessible for you, so you can pay a $500 deposit up front, and then complete your payments up until 50 days before the trip. Or pay all at once, whatever is easier for you!


Here's what a couple heart centred badasses like you in our community had to say about our Ignite event in Vancouver, BC. These videos still give us the chills, it's such an honour to serve humans like you.

Danielle Kettlewell - Olympian Turned Coach @daniellekettlewell_

Akeem Pierre - Wellness Entrepreneur @akeemo.therapy

Ashley Elizabeth - PTSD Growth Coach @ashleyelizabeth2.0


Q. Does the price include accommodation and all meals?

Yes! Accommodation and most meals are covered. There will be some times when we travel to the beach and city where you will get your own meals.

Q: Can people from different parts of the world 🌍 come?!

A: One. Hundred. Percent. If you can fly, drive, sail or swim to Nosara, Costa Rica, you are totally welcome to rock this with us and we want you there.

Q. Do I have to stay at the retreat space? Or can I find my own spot?

We pride ourselves on making very tight containers for human transformation. This is why the Inbodied Method is so powerful. Because of this you will have to stay in the accommodation provided. Trust me, you won't want it any other way.

Q. Can I Bring my kids?

Sadly no. We love little ones, but this experience is going to require your full commitment and concentration. Some of our clients in the past has brought their family on a 2 week vacation, spent the first week with them then left the kids with other family while they step into the retreat.

Q: I may not have the full $ amount of the retreat up-front. Is that OK?

A: We totally get it fam. We want you there if you want to be there, so we structured this so you can secure your spot with a $500 deposit, and pay in chunks until 50 days before the event. Let's make it work for you.

Q. Do I need to have any specific experience or background to join?

Nothing crazy, but having done some work on yourself is fairly key. Because a willingness to be open, to be vulnerable in a safe environment, and to connect with other humans, will help you get the most out of this for yourself, and allow us to come together and make the most of this adventure with all of us.

Q. What will the temperatures 🌑 and weather be like in Costa Rica during the time of the retreat?

It will be about 28C 82F, and in the sunny season. Did you know the temperature only fluctuates there 1.5 degrees all year in Costa Rica?

Q. What should I pack and will you send out an itinerary?

Once you put down your deposit, each Ignite participant will also be sent a welcome letter giving lots of useful information about the retreat & this includes a helpful guide on what to pack.

Q: Can I share a room with my bf/gf/partner/friend

A: We'll do our absolute best to get you set up with the people you love so you can share this experience together to the fullest. 

Q: I am not vaccinated against COVID. Is that going to be a problem?

A: We can't guarantee anything, but as things are beginning to open up quite rapidly, we are very optimistic. 

Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ is technically a "not yet" at the time of writing this, but we expect that to change soon, and you can potentially drive across the USA πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ border and fly out from there if needed. Check your local government travel regulation website for up-to-date info!

For arriving in Costa Rica, the travel requirements are that you can be un-vaccinated as long as you have proof of a travel insurance policy that covers COVID. (Which we should all get for ourselves anyway.)

Q: WAIT! I Have a Q that wasn't answered here!

A: We'd love hear from you and answer that for you right away: hit up Ryan: